Salsa Giants.


The Salsa Giants new album, produced by the knowed Sergio George, has been a success since its release, mainly in Puerto Rico, where today is the biggest seller. Salsa Giants has achieved wide acceptance in the international market. In the United States, reached number two in sales and production its expected at any time to go up to number 1 on the list Soundscan.

“The board has the conditions to become a collector’s album and another worldwide hit for the salsa,” wrote Cesar Herrera on the Venezuelan newspaper The Party of “2001″.
“From the first day ‘Salsa Giants’ came out on June 25, sales were activated both in stores and online in the United States, Puerto Rico and other major nations,” said the president of Top Stop Music.
Without doubt, the leading producer Sergio George once again enriched the landscape of the salsa with this gem, that follows the concert that took the stage at the “Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival”, it brought thousands of fans to “The Salsa Giants “in a historic night. To make up this CD / DVD it was entrusted with executive producer Sergio George and Gregory Elias.
Excellent music, production where you can enjoy 10 songs from the best performers of salsa and tropical beats and can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon and Walmart. Do not miss the opportunity to have it on your collection with this valuable compilation of privileged voices of tropical music as Marc Anthony, Oscar Leon, Willy Chirino, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, Tito Nieves, Cheo Feliciano, Luis Enrique, Andy Montañez, Nora Light Orchestra and Charlie Zaa.

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